The History

Tramps & Hawkers began in February of 2001, when Kurt Griesemer and David Perry, musicians and friends who had not performed together in over a year, accepted, on a Thursday, a gig for the upcoming Saturday. Two music rehearsals, one nearly deadly ice storm, a case of lingering food poisoning, an allergic reaction to blue tequila, sound system troubles, and two death-defying drives later, Tramps & Hawkers had completed their first gig. They quickly asked multi-instrumentalist Paul Regge to join the band, and thus began their first year of performing. Their next gig was a St. Patrick's Day celebration in a country-western bar in rural Minnesota. Since then, the lads have become regulars at Keegan's Pub in the heart of Minneapolis and Whistle Binkie’s in Rochester, MN.

The Sound

Kurt, Paul, Mark and Ann have played together before in quite a few variations. Paul, Mark and Ann were all or are all in Bedlam, Kurt briefly joined Ann's band The Banshees, Kurt and Ann played together in Borderlands, Paul replaced Ann in Borderlands, and Mark and Kurt have played at the Rennaisance Faire and other shows. The sound is an eclectic blend of Irish Rock and American Folk, Nostalgic Punk and Traditional Celtic. At the end of the night your head will be filled with songs from the very old (Foggy Dew, Which Side Are You On) to the very new (Rebellion, Jack Diamond), from Punk (Violent Femmes, Green Day) to Country (Fulsom Prison Blues) to Bluegrass (John Law, The Fox) to rock (Locomotive Breath, All Along the Watchtower) and many more.


Ann Viviano (Violin) studied and played violin at St. Theresa's College while attending Winona Senior High. After an 8 year hiatus, Ann was inspired to pick up the fiddle again after attending an Irish music session at The Irish Well. She soon joined the group which eventually became the Banshees and performed at numerous local Irish venues including The Irish Well, Kierans, O'Garas and The Dubliner. In order to satisfy her desire for more eclectic electric, Ann began performing with Bedlam and eventually Borderlands.

4. "Could you turn it down?"


Paul Regge (rhythm and lead guitar, vocals, mandolin, banjo, concertina, accordion and kazoo) is a long-time Twin Cities' musical presence, having been performing in the area for over fifteen years with such bands as Dead Pan Alley, Galway Bay, and Bedlam. His many different instrumental styles add variety and complexity to the band's music.

3. "Me either."


Mark Sterling plays bass, sings in a voice that completely belies his appearance, owns and runs VanderDeken Studios in Minneapolis, and is stuck with this bio until he writes his own to replace it. We're damn glad to have him.

2. "I missed the joke."


Kurt Griesemer (rhythm guitar, vocals, bodhran) was born in Milwaukee, raised on the Violent Femmes, tuned in by the Dead and turned on by the Twin Cities' music scene in the early 90s. He played for years at the Ginkgo Coffeehouse and at the old New Riverside Cafe with various folks. He met David about five years ago, when they formed their first band, Borderlands (an acoustic folk group). String donations accepted ;-) (Medium bronze).

1. "Hey Dave, remember when we were acoustic?"